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William Rusby

Code Enforcer

William Rusby (Bill) is the Village Code Enforcement Officer. Bill has been with the Village for several years, and has been a Code Enforcement Officer for other municipalities for many years. He is ready to help you with your building or renovation projects. Call or email him with your questions.

Building Permits can be picked up at Village hall or print outs below.   Call to see if you need one!  See the complete list of contractors who have worked in the Village.   Make sure to call Village hall to verify the license is current!  

 Starting work with out a Building Permit will result in an additional fee!


You must complete a CE-200 form with NYS before doing work in the Village. The Village clerk can answer any questions you have. You must also file a contractors license at Village Hall.


License are required to work in the Village. Stop at Village Hall before doing any work. License are $10 per year and must be renewed every January. Proof of insurance is required.  

Contractors who start work without a current license will be charged an additional fee of $50.

Printable Forms