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Kyle Amidon

Public Safety/Police Chief

Village of North Hornell Public Safety & Police Coverage

We are excited to announce that the North Hornell Police Department is back up and Running as of March 2021.

Police Chief Kyle Amidon will be the Officer In Charge of the department and all officers are employed by the Village of North Hornell.

In the case of an EMERGENCY, please remember to ALWAYS dial 911

Property Checks Service from our North Hornell Police Department
Are you planning to go on vacation or just a little get away, click on the link below, fill out the form and bring it to Village Hall. Our Police Department will check on your property while you are away. Property Check Request Form. Please make sure when filling this form out that you provide ALL of the information requested. This information is placed in a data base for our police officers while they check on your property in your absence.

New York State Police In The Village of North Hornell

The New York State Police satellite offices are located in the safety building at Village Hall. Currently there are officers at this location but not on a scheduled basis that we have available at Village Hall.

This station covers the area from Hornell to Howard and south to the Pennsylvania border. The North Hornell station works in conjunction with the Wayland barracks. Our community receives 24 hour coverage.

Attached to the front of the safety building is an auto phone to be used in emergency situations. Push the red button and it automatically dials to the 911 center. You speak directly to the box. No need to pick up a phone.

We would like to welcome the troopers to our Village and wish them safe traveling!
There will be increased traffic on Cleveland Ave. with the beginning of school and sports related activities at the North Hornell School. More patrols are scheduled to monitor this area. We have many adult walkers and children on bikes, so please obey the speed.

Local Law #1-2010 was passed on September 27, 2010

RESOLVED: That the proposal be accepted by the Village of North Hornell Board of Trustees to amend 131-26 of the Village of North Hornell Code to wit, that the maximum speed limit on school days between the hours of 7am to 6pm for that segment of Cleveland Ave located between Wells Avenue through Bowen Avenues to Seneca Road be established at Twenty (20) miles per hour.

Village of North Hornell Fire Department

Fire Chief – Michael Robbins
Assistant Chiefs – Jeremy Smith, Aaron Hasper, Wesley Bryant